Advertisements are the paid communication tools or messages in marketing and advertising campaigns that when used efficiently will increase awareness, interest, and desire from potential customers to prompted products or services.

Human “potential and current customers” are exposed daily to many types of advertisements “adverts” including TV & radio ads, outdoor billboards, printed ads in newspapers or magazines and digital online ads on social media channels and search engines related to different advertising campaigns fulfilling many purposes and achieving endless benefits for small, midsize businesses and famous brands.

The previous two paragraphs were talking in general about the importance of advertisements but we will discuss all goals and benefits that can be achieved when your advertising campaigns are done properly by the chosen advertising agency to decide how suitable these benefits to your business goals and if worthy of your allocated marketing budget or not.

how ads campaign plays major role to grow your businessMain benefits of effective advertisements

Advertising campaigns should be aligned with the overall marketing goals for your business demonstrating specific messages and encouraging specific actions from the targeted audience of potential clients through produced advertisements for each campaign for chosen advertising platforms.

Main goals and benefits that can be achieved through produced advertisements for your business advertising campaigns are:

Increasing brand & products awareness

Does the targeted audience of potential customers aware of your business existing?

Over the past decades, different types of advertisements have proved efficiency in increasing awareness about the existing of new brands in targeted markets and spreading the word about your business within a short period of time.

It’s not only about increasing awareness about your business but advertising is a valid choice to increase awareness about newly launched products or services or highlighting competitive advantage in exiting products and enhancements or new features added to existing products or services.

Limited offers of discounts or upselling offers require immediate responses from the targeted customers which can be achieved using advertisements especially digital advertising solutions like social media ads that require less time to create and launch advertising campaigns.

Standing out from the competition

Many alternatives for what your business is offering are produced every day which increases the competition which requires innovate marketing and advertising solutions to stand out from the competition.

Effective tailored advertisements will be helpful in this case by focusing on the competitive advantages of your products, the distinctive added value to customers, how suitable your prices are for their budgets and expected added value and the professionalism level of after-sales service and support solutions available.

Attracting current & potential customers

After the phase of awareness, advertisements can play another role in encouraging targeted customers to take more steps further in your sales funnel by attracting current and potential customers to engage with your business through:

  • Increase stores or branches traffic by highlighting your business locations info in your ads and spreading the word about the opening of a new store or branch Generating more leads through advertising campaigns customized for this purpose like Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads.
  • Increasing visits to your business website “ex: e-commerce store” or your business mobile app through pay per click “PPC ads” available in search engines marketing solutions like Google Search ads or suitable social media ads.
  • Using suitable types of advertisements to improve communication and engagement with targeted customers “Messenger ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram advertising solutions” or clarifying communication options on TV & print ads.
  • Growing your business followers base of interested audiences on suitable social media channels.
  • Increasing the subscribers in your email marketing campaigns and periodically email newsletters.
  • Taking advantage of the “word of mouth” publicity when engaged customers with advertising campaigns will share their experience with your business with friends and family.

Educating your business customers

Being 100% convinced about which product or service is suitable to satisfy your needs is what motivates customers to complete a purchase.

Advertisements can be used to educate your customers about the uses of available products or services and how they can depend on what you’re offering to solve related personal or business problems for potential customers.

Promoted informative content related to targeted customers’ needs and problems will demonstrate thought leadership or industry leadership for your business and increase trust in choosing your business over competitors.

Video ads like YouTube ads or TV ads can be used also to educate your customers about how to use your products to satisfy their needs “ex: product tutorials or how-to videos”.

Increasing Sales Volume & ROI

Advertisements can also do the hardest mission which is driving more sales for your business and increasing return on investment “ROI” by targeting current and potential customers who are one step away from completing desired conversions.

Offline advertising campaigns will increase awareness about your business solutions while digital advertising solutions like search engine ads, social media conversion-optimized and retargeting ads will target engaged audiences who showed interest in what your business is offering and you will be charged only when customers engage “click” on your ads.

Cost-effective online advertisements will drive more sales with the lowest possible cost to achieve the highest possible return on your conversion-optimized and retargeting “Cross-Selling & Upselling” advertising campaigns.

Achieving the desired level of returns on investment will create chances for growth and expansion by opening new branches, stores or targeting new markets and territories or attracting new partners.

Advertisements will also be helpful in this phase by using international offline advertising solutions like newspapers, magazines, and TV & radio channels to target new markets or using geographical targeting options available in digital advertising solutions to reach new targeted segments with customized advertisements.

Improving your brand positioning “image”

Successful business branding can be achieved through effective advertisements produced for advertising campaigns that aim to create a positive perception about your brand or improve negative existing perception to position your brand as the No.1 choice for related products or services.

These types of advertisements should focus on your business values, your product quality, your fair pricing strategy, how professional your business customer service options are and that your permanent first priority is your customers’ satisfaction.

Visual ads like video ads are a suitable choice for branding ads as they increase the ad recall for a longer period and achieve instant recognition when the targeted audience is exposed to anything related to your brand.

Supporting other business operations

As we mentioned earlier, advertising is a part of your business marketing strategy and advertisements are effective when they achieve the desired goals and support operation of other departments including:

  • Achieving the desired awareness needed for unpaid long-term marketing campaigns.
  • Establish background knowledge about your products or services to assist salesmen in their mission.
  • Educating your customers about your business to facilitate customer service activities.
  • Recruiting needed talents and employees through sponsored recruitment advertisements.
  • Maintaining a positive perception “ professional image” about your business.

Types of advertisements

There’re many types of advertisements offline and online types that should be chosen for your business advertising campaign based on how suitable they are for your goals, your budget, the targeted audience “potential customers” and the camping content.

The main difference between the online and offline advertising options is the availability of detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests & behavior, suitable for any size of advertising budget and the ability to track the camping performance precisely.

Offline types of advertisements are:

TV & Radio Commercials Ads: TV & Radio ads are a suitable solution when you want to increase awareness about your business or specific product or service to a wide network of audience but the effectiveness of these ads depends on having a flexible advertising budget and the ability to produce quality content for your campaign to grab the targeted audience attention.

Print Advertisements: Print Ads in local and international newspapers and magazines will enable you to connect with the engaging audience “the readers” highlighting your offers and providing communication information for your business with different advertising options to suit your budget.

Outdoor Advertising: outdoor advertising options include billboards advertising and moving ads like the ads on buses that target audience based on the location of billboards and the routes for moving ads that are similar to print ads but they target different audiences.

Online advertising solutions are:

Search Engine Ads: Search engine ads like “Google Search ads” enable to target potential customers who are searching about what your business is offering and you’re only charged when potential customer engage “click” on your ads using PPC “pay per click” budgeting option.

Display Ads: reach a higher level of engagement with visual ads like banner ads and video ads published on suitable websites, mobile apps and YouTube advertising options to drive the desired engagement level for your business ads.

Social Media Advertising: social media platforms offer many advertising options that can be customized to your campaign goals, available budget and targeting or retargeting specific audience through Facebook advertising options, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, and Snapchat ads.

Mobile Advertising: The majority of online activities are done currently through smart mobile devices and you can target these users “your potential customers” through SMS marketing campaigns, banner ads on responsive websites and ads on mobile apps.

The role of an advertising agency

Effective advertisements are the output of the collaboration of marketers, writers, designers, video editors, photographers, and artists to produce professional engaging content that focuses on targeting the needs and interests of the audience to drive the desired results.

Hiring a professional advertising agency will be the first step to achieve the desired results of your business advertising campaigns as they agency team will be responsible for all aspects, processes, and procedures related to your campaign including:

  • Developing your advertising strategy by defining the targeted audience, suitable advertisements types and platforms, the campaign schedule and suitable performance evaluation metrics.
  • Searching for and acquiring external talents needed to create the content of the ads.
  • Creating the required content for chosen types of advertisements.
  • Media buying procedures for chosen offline or online advertising platforms.
  • Assuring launching and displaying the advertisements according to the agreed schedule.
  • Monitoring the camping performance and evaluating the results compared to defined goals and suitable evaluation metrics.
  • Launching future retargeting campaigns to achieve higher ROI from engaged potential customers.

The choice is all yours to invest in advertising campaigns for your business when you see that as a valid decision but the increasing competition leaves no chance for delaying that decision.

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