Professional content marketing plans and marketing strategies are a smarter use of your time and marketing budget.

Most small business owners in Australia, United States (USA) and india do not have a clear marketing plan, and few who do put in the time needed to implement their marketing strategies consistently.

How much time do you spend each week ensuring all your marketing content is current and up to date with where your business is at?

Rather than lose money through missed opportunities and inconsistent marketing efforts, you could be capitalizing on your existing channels of marketing with a robust content marketing strategy designed to optimize the return on your investment.

Web Tonic has created two levels of content marketing services for clients who want better results from their marketing spend to free up valuable time to focus on billable work.

What do we do?

Level One: 12 Month Content Marketing Plan

We work with you to create a comprehensive 12-month content management strategy. We look at your short and medium term business goals and your historical marketing efforts and results.

From there we can identify the gaps and build on your past successes to formulate a robust plan that matches your business and your target market, and best utilizes your existing marketing channels. If required, we will discuss options for changes or additions to your current marketing activity.

This content marketing strategy is then yours to keep, and implement as you wish, using it as a reference for all your in-house and paid marketing activities.

Your investment: $387 +GST

Level Two: Content Marketing Strategy Management Service

For businesses without the time or skillset to implement your 12-month content marketing plan effectively, we offer a strategy management service tailored to your business, to keep your marketing campaigns on track and producing optimum results.

Pricing is set to match the level of marketing activity and the distribution of tasks within the marketing plan, with fees starting from as little as $185 a month.

Communication: We phone you within the designated times set out in the content management plan to discuss, plan and then write your marketing content in line with the strategy. Content proofs are sent for feedback and signing off before release. We also provide regular feedback on marketing activity and analytics in monthly or quarterly reports, as required.

Online and cross-platform marketing: We schedule and action website updates, using proven SEO and CRO techniques, to align with your key marketing campaigns, and create links and/or posts to social media and website pages as applicable.

Clients signing up for a content marketing strategy management service will receive a 50% rebate on the 12 Month Content Marketing Plan, redeemable in four instalments, deducted from the quarterly management service fee.

Additional services available

Photo and Video: Need images to support your marketing? We will either source stock images or organise a photographer, depending on the situation. We can also script and arrange production for video clips or cartoon strips to use on your website to showcase a product, service or key event in your marketing strategy.

PR and marketing content and editorial copy: choose from our range of ghost-writing packages for creating regular e-newsletters, blog posts or online articles on your behalf, and integrate these with your content management strategy. Our professional copywriter can also create press releases or editorial/advertorial pieces.

SEO Campaigns: With a Web Tonic 12-month SEO campaign integrated with your key marketing events, you can achieve more targeted search results and better page rankings for your website.