What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is essentially selling online. Whereas a website can showcase a business’ products and services, an eCommerce website allows customers to make purchases directly from that website.

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An e Commerce website must have the following:

Online shop – a section of the website displaying all the products in an easy to navigate catalogue. Feature products would also appear on the homepage in much the same way a store displays new items in their window.

Shopping Cart – where customers can click on the products they want to buy to add them to their “cart”. Ideally, this should easily allow the customer to keep browsing and adding items until they are ready to purchase.

Site Security – an e commerce website must meet the required standard for secure sites to legally handle sensitive customer information. This comes in the form of an SSL Certificate (you will see its prefix as https).

Payment Gateway – for your customers to type in their credit card or bank details to buy from your online store, they need to know it is safe. This is where a trusted Payment Gateway is used. These use a rigorous system that protects the purchaser from credit card theft from external hackers and also takes the responsibility away from the individual business in building and maintaining this high level security system themselves.

Ecommerce platforms

There are many e commerce platforms available for building and running an online store. Strivens has made it easier to choose the right one for your business by identifying three leading e commerce platforms to offer clients looking to sell online.

These are:

Woo-commerce – An e commerce plugin suite designed specifically to work with WordPress. This is a free plug-in, however, you need to custom build the features for your e commerce site using add-on plug-ins that you purchase from the Woo Commerce store.
WooCommerce custom ecommerce solutions

Open-Cart – An all-in-one e-commerce platform with a comprehensive suite of features, design options and packages to suit a range of enterprises from small business to large multi-national corporations. Standard features can be extended through a variety of add-ons and integrations.
Open-cart pricing and features


Shopify – An all-in-one e-commerce platform on a par with Open-cart in its design options, features and pricing. The most searched-for e-commerce platform in India, it has an extensive app store for add-ons and third party integrations.
Shopify pricing and features

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