Opencart web store

Opencart is a free, open source shopping cart that works expressly as ecommerce site. Essentially a web store, Opencart can be a low price solution for operating an online store without the need to host with an all-in-one ecommerce platform like Bigcommerce or Shopify. Because it is open source, you are also not tied in with a single hosting provider. If you wish to take your Opencart website elsewhere, you can do so without needing to start from scratch.

Opencart widely used of all ecommerce web store sites worldwide, so it is a popular choice for large and small businesses. Strivens team is experienced in building Opencart websites for our clients, and can provide advice during the design phase and ongoing technical support after launch of your Opencart online store.
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Although Opencart is free to download, it is not totally free to operate a Opencart web store. You can expect to pay for secure web hosting and any additional charges from the extensions you’ll need to run advanced features. Your Opencart site is self-hosted, so you have full ownership of all of your information.
First, to maintain a Opencart site, you must purchase hosting for your opencart site. And, in order to get the best use out of the platform, you’ll need to look at various add-ons and extensions, some of which are free but others you need to purchase.

However, because many of these extensions are one-time purchases, you can expect to come out paying slightly less than you would with another popular option like Shopify.
Opencart does not charge transaction fees. Neither does it regulate bandwidth or storage, although you will need to know what limitations your site’s hosting provider has set and whether you need to upgrade your hosting plan to allow for extended capacity.

Key information about Opencart

Opencart is great for both small and large companies. Because you can modify your online store with the various extensions available, you can achieve exactly what you need to fit with your product range, sales volumes and distribution.

You should note, however, that if you’re expecting lots of traffic or you plan to add thousands of products, you’ll need to arrange for hosting that can keep up with your bandwidth usage.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Opencart admin is ready estore site, although it works best when it’s paired with a compatible Opencart theme. Just maintain a strong internet connection and an updated browser.

Note: Opencarte works great with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, but it is not supported by Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

Ease of Use

Opencart connects to your Opencart estore platform from admin panel like any other ecommerce CMS. Just click “Upload” files and connect to database on the install page and then you setup is ready. Then, click “Install” and “Activate.”

It is important to note that free Opencart themes are available. It is designed to integrate with the open source developer Opencart platform.

Online Store Set up

To create your Opencart online store you can either purchase a premium Opencart Theme or download a free Storefront theme. To avoid the need for purchasing extra extensions, Strivens team can source a suitable premium theme that comes with a bigger range of built-in features. Alternatively, we can create a fully customised design on the WordPress platform tailored to match your specific requirements.

Payment Gateways

Opencart comes with five built-in payment gateways:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Check Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Simplify Commerce (US only)
There are also a range of third party payment gateways available as extensions. Note that not all payment gateways listed on the Opencart website are available in Indian.
Add-on payment gateways we recommend for Indian retailers are:
  • Paytm
  • PayUmoney
  • instamojo

Important features with the Opencart web store extensions

Opencart offers features in a Core+Extensions model. The platform comes with all the core features you need right out of the box. It’s possible to start selling immediately with what Opencart offers. However, if your business requires more advanced shipping or checkout features, there are add-ons available.

Here are some of the features that you get free with every Opencart download.

For the full list of features available with Opencart, visit the Opencart website.

Designing your Opencart web store with Strivens

Opencart extensions can be integrated into any Opencart theme, and Strivens can create a fully customised website design for your business, and research the most suitable add-ons to ensure you get exactly what you want with your e-commerce system.

Alternatively, we have identified a selection of premium Opencart Themes, which we can set up using your own branding and choice of design and layout options available within the theme settings.