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What is event tracking and how does it help my business?

Event Tracking is a very flexible way to track onsite campaigns and individual visitor actions on a web page. It can help you identify visitor behaviour to accurately measure traffic flow for specific things. This helps you to make more informed decisions around getting better engagement rates for your web marketing efforts, and improving the pathways to information on your

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Pay per click advertising – is it right for your business website?

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) has been around for quite a while now, and as more businesses compete for space online in the page rankings, it is perhaps something that needs to be considered. This article aims to help you understand what is Pay Per Click advertising, the pros and cons of PPC and whether it is a worthwhile advertising

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how to implement/force your site to https (SSL)

When you add an SSL certificate to your website, the URL visitors use to view your site changes from HTTP to HTTPS. The ‘S’ ensures that your connection is encrypted. After adding an SSL certificate you should force all URLs on your site to automatically redirect to the HTTPS version. For example, if someone visited: http://yoursite.com/page1 you’d want it to automatically redirect

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Know how to protect your website from hackers

Know how to protect your website from hackers-Security threats to your website are on the rise, as more and more hackers trawl the web for soft targets where they can log in and create problems. WHY ANYONE WANTS TO HACK MY WEBSITE? Know how to protect your website from hackers, Unless you are a high profile target, most websites are not

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