What you get with a Strivens website design

At Strivens we create websites to meet the different needs of each and every customer. Not all our clients have the same products, services or types of customers, so why would we sell them the same website design?

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First getting to know you – the Strivens web design consultation process

</p><h3> </h3><p>Your website is an extension of your business. We start designing by finding out what your business needs a website to do, so that we can design you a website that represents you and resonates with your customers

Professional Web copy option for better results

You can take our professional web copy writing service, we will identify the best key search phrases to use on each page for your business and structure your content to improve your outcomes in the search engines for these key phrases. This will sure create your target market which can easily find your site, understand what you do, and take action.

Quality assurance guaranteed

</p><h3> </h3><p>You Should know that your website is designed by a qualified web developer, whose coding is clean and bug free and that we test every aspect before and after launching your site to ensure all coding and functions work as they should.

WordPress website hosting with Full service

</p><h3> </h3><p>Get the right level of service and support necessary to host a business website securely and efficiently as part of our standard website hosting.We don’t charge different rates for different ‘levels’ of service. Instead of that we offer one price for hosting that includes all security, site platform and plugin* updates, 24 hour server monitoring, top-tier security systems and quick response technical support.

Complete control & access to your content management system

</p><h3> </h3><p>Your website designs uses Content Management System (CMS), So you can edit add pages and can modify the appearance of the site yourself. We do not limit your access to content only editing. And we even provide up to 2 hours free training for how to access and use the admin section of your website. Also supply training videos to guide you through specific tasks and we are happy to answer any questions about where to find things if you forget.

Not just your web designer; we are your online business partner

</p><h3> </h3><p>When you sign up with Strivens you get our ongoing support as part of the team, ready when you are to discuss the different ways you can improve your website’s performance or change the focus of the content to meet seasonal fluctuations or changes in your business’ product line or range of services.

Responsive design that is mobile friendly

</p><h3> </h3><p>All our websites are fully responsive to achieve optimum level readability on all screen sizes and mobile devices. Not only that, we can vary the calls to action between mobile and PC devices for browsers.

Ongoing service for growing your business online

</p><h3> </h3><p>Our service commitment does not stop on completion of your website. We offer advice on how to achieve better results from your website and will help trouble-shoot any problems you have from editing your own web content.

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